Epic Fail Rick Scott Super Stupid

Governor Rick Scott Doesn’t Know How Minimum Wage Works or Doesn’t Care, or Both

Does Florida Governor Rick Scott support having a minimum wage?

“Sure” he says, but he has on idea how it does or should work.

In a gubernatorial debate Tuesday night, Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) was asked whether he supports the concept of a minimum wage.

“Sure,” he replied. But when asked what it should be, he responded, “How would I know — I mean, the private sector decides wages.”


Yeah, how would the fucking governor know what the minimum wage should be?

Holy Jesus.

When he was asked again whether he supports the government setting the minimum wage, he said, “Just because they set a minimum wage doesn’t mean you get a job.

Who? What? Huh? Rick Scott speaks in tongues. Parseltongue, to be more specific.