Abortion War On Women

Governor Scott Walker Feels Pretty Good About a Domestic Terrorist Attack

The Planned Parenthood clinic in Grand Chute, Wisconsin was forced to close for security concerns after the clinic was attacked with a homemade bomb late last year.

Planned Parenthood just announced that the clinic will stay closed because they cannot provide enough security which Governor Scott Walker apparently thinks is just delightful.

Walker, citing his pro-life record, says it reflects on Wisconsinites, saying "Even those who don't share my belief have talked about how they want abortions to be rare, and that's what has happened in the State of Wisconsin. I think that's probably more a reflection on the decision they made."

Scott Walker basically just said a domestic terrorist attack on Planned Parenthood is a reflection of the values of Wisconsin.

Is that so?

It's possible Walker has no idea what actually happened to the clinic, but that's no excuse for this.