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Amazon.com is planning to launch a fleet of “drones” to deliver packages to your house in around 30 minutes.

Amazon’s CEO said Sunday night that the company plans to use drones to make deliveries, offering the possibility of a massive domestic surge in a technology now best known for gunning down Islamic militants in Pakistan and Yemen.

The company suggested delivery drones could reduce shipping time to a mere 30-minutes after an online order. But the buzzy announcement will require, first of all, a massive reworking of regulations around unmanned aviation.

The online retailer’s chief executive officer and founder, Jeff Bezos, introduced the delivery mechanism, Prime Air, which is in development, on 60 Minutes. Immediately after the piece, Amazon put up a video showing a delivery via the drone, and a portion of its website describing Prime Air.

The vast and pernicious proliferation of drone technology continues to destroy us all.