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Greenwald: You’re All Just A Bunch Of Dick Cheneys!

I’m embarrassed for him.

First of all, a lot of Democrats have been very outspoken in calling for reforming the warrantless, criminal mess left behind by the former Republican model of freaking the fuck out and laughing off questions later.

Second, it is, in fact, a Democratic president currently presiding over an overhaul of our surveillance gathering techniques that are already accountable to the three branches of government.

Third, Dick Cheney and George W. Bush were vicious liars and relentless warmongers of the highest order, realizing the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people, a busted treasury, and dragging us into wars– wars that are currently coming to an end under a Democratic president.

As Glenn Greenwald seems to forget, it was Democrats like Patrick Leahy who were obstructing passage of the Patriot Act until he received a letter filled with anthrax in the mail, and Republicans like James Sensenbrenner who literally turned the lights out on debate over its extension.

Fourthly, “go fuck yourself.” Hard.