Gun Fetishists Guns Russia

Gun Nuts Will Buy Anything


While you can still import and purchase AK-47 rifles made by competitors, including a Russian-made version, imports of the original manufactured by Kalashnikov were banned as part of the economic sanctions levied against Russia.

But gun nuts don’t appreciate nuance and they’ve taken to buying up every AK-47 they can get their hands on out of fear that President Obama is coming to take them all.

Laboring almost nonstop, workers at Atlantic Firearms in Bishopville, a Worcester County community on the Eastern Shore, had shipped hundreds of Russian-made AK-47s — an assault rifle prized by both consumers and despots — as buyers wiped out gun dealers’ inventories around the country. The frenzy was brought on, in part, by a suspicion among some gun owners that the Russia-Ukraine conflict was a backdoor excuse to ban guns many Democrats don’t like. Some customers bought eight to 10 rifles for nearly $1,000 each or more, stockpiling them as investments.

You say jump and gun fetishists ask ‘how high?’

In several years President Obama will leave office without ever having snatched up all the guns, but it won’t matter because the next president will almost certainly be coming for our guns as well, right?

Maybe the gun lobby should throw its support behind Democratic candidates since Democrats seem to provide gun stores with the most business.