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Hack-Fraud Chuck C. Johnson Wants His Sources to Pay a Fee for Submitting News Tips

Written by Bob Cesca

Just when you thought hack-fraud Chuck C. Johnson couldn't become a greater hack-fraud, he's gone and totally one-upped himself. In addition to making a career on outing alleged rape victims, and in addition to offering cash rewards to readers who provide him with the names of alleged rape victims, Johnson just launched a new online portal through which tipsters can submit e-scoops.

By itself, not too shocking. But this section of the form is hilariously stupid:


Yes, Chuck Johnson is charging his readers to do his job for him. See, in the legitimate news media, professional writers seek out their own scoops and don't expect their sources to pay them to provide information. These writers are popularly referred to as "journalists" who engage in "news reporting."

Now, to be fair, Johnson came up with what appears on the surface to be a valid excuse. It's not. If Johnson had any clue about how journalism works... CONTINUE READING