Hall of Whoppers

Written by SK Ashby

(Cartoonist - Jen Sorensen)

In other news, the Kansas state legislature has advanced a bill that would grant the secretary of state the authority to prosecute cases out of his/her office.

The state House on Wednesday narrowly gave initial approval to the legislation, which would allow Kobach and future secretaries of state to bypass the attorney general to prosecute election crimes, a responsibility not typically given to the person delegated with running elections. The bill would also upgrade a number of election crimes to felonies from misdemeanors.

Kris Kobach, as you probably recall, is often referred to as the father of "Papers Please" anti-immigration law. And as the current secretary of state, he's responsible for holding election.

What could go wrong?

There's a reason there's literally a book titled What's The Matter With Kansas.