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Hardball wastes 90 minutes on Rather?

Watching Chris Matthews tonight, you'd never know that the White House is engaged in a propaganda campaign paying right-wing pundits and "journalists" to shill for them. In fact, strike that. It was a perfect illustration of right-wing pundits mouth-piecing the Bush agenda.

Matthews, an alleged "Democrat", spent a full 30 minutes of his 7pm show talking about CBS's findings in the Bush Memo issue. In other words, half-an-hour of "damn that liberal media" masturbation, when, in fact, the right-wing media is being paid with tax money to propagandize for the White House.

Three "analysts" including Pat Buchanan wallowed in CBS News' crisis like red-state pigs in shit, with Matthews furnishing the unfettered air time.

It gets worse. Right now, 9pm EST, Matthews is spending a full hour discussing CBS in a "Very Special Edition" of Hardball.

If you're ready to rip your hair out, join the queue. All I ask is for a second queue for ripping out the hair of cable news pundits. Slowly. While being waterboarded and lathered in their own feces. The obvious mantra: if they only spent this much time on important, "in the now" issues like White House sponsored torture, death squads, and propaganda...

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