Civil liberties

Hate Mail of the Month, Year, and Decade

Sent from an anonymous e-mail address with no name attached other than the ominous signature: "the one who warned you". Brave of him/her.

How can you be such an ignorant shithead? HUH? dont have an fucking idea of what the bible means because you humanly interpret take things literally in the bible and thats why you and the rest of american atheist and crooked dumbfucks cant comprehend the you think god put things in there so it will be completley obvious to ignorant men,such as yourself...NO interpret the bible you have to be spiritually subjected to it...then things will be undertsood as they are meant..i dont go to church like i used but when i did things were really different in terms of understanding the mock the word as if it was one of your bullshit articles, man today think they are so wise...motherfucker you will pay for mocking god...god is very jealous with what is will pay...when your alone depressed or sick and dying you will remember god..except he wont be there to help you because you dont ackoknowledge him now...jesus didnt come to earth to politic with assholes about faggots and dikes.....he came to fulfill his duty as saviour of the world....GOD his father condems those immoral fucks because they are sinners....god hates their sins, not them....people often try to say that GOD HATES HOMOS...he hates their sins but not them, he hates a liars sin as much as a faggots sin because sin is all equal to him........homosexuality is immoral and sick.......those people are filled with legions of demons...if god loved their actions so much dont you think he would curse them with a high AIDS rate??..its a strong penalty for their actions just like every sinner must pay for their keep writing corny ass articles mocking gods word and your life will be shortened by his wrath.....when god judges you he will feel sorry for you and remind of all the shit you talked about him.......i pity you bob......change your ways like i need to change mine or well both be talking about this over a frappucino in a fiery hell next to a mob of homos

If this guy is a Christian who believes every word of the Bible, then he must know about the passage from Corintians regarding "revilers". Who will introduce the constitutional amendment to prevent this guy from marrying?