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Have You No Decency?


The League of the South, a neo-confederate hate group, is outraged that their “SECEDE” billboard was taken down.

After the sign was put up on Friday, advertisers threatened to stop doing business with Lamar Advertisers, prompting the company to take the billboard down.

Michael Hill, president of the League of the South, said that the billboard should go back up, as “it’s not immoral or unethical.”

“Is this America, or is it Stalin’s Russia where you shut down any opposition and dissent?” Hill asked.

What is this, Stalin’s Russia? Have you no decency?

It’s not the least bit surprising that a neo-confederate troglodyte doesn’t understand the First Amendment but, just so we’re clear, the First Amendment does not shield you from public backlash.

Advertising companies have every right to refuse to do business with secessionist hate groups, but if this really were “Stalin’s Russia” they may not have such rights. In America, the state does not force advertising companies to do business with unsavory people. Is Michael Hill saying that it should? Does Hill secretly admire dictatorships?

I would ask if neo-confederate Lost Causers hate America, but I don’t really need to ask. It’s already in their billboard.