Healthcare and Massachusetts

Doesn't anyone anywhere have any solid proof that Scott Brown's impending victory has anything whatsoever to do with the healthcare reform bill?

Once again, like Virginia, this is all about an incompetent Democratic candidate and an impatient electorate which, like the idiot townspeople of Springfield on The Simpsons, have been easily herded into thinking the Republicans deserve another shot -- even though it was the Republicans that royally screwed us in the first place.

The Democrats need to pass this bill in any legal, constitutional way possible before Brown is seated. To fumble now would be political suicide. As Paul Begala said on CNN today, not passing the bill would mean inevitable Republican majorities in November. And a Republican Congress pumped up by the teabaggers will investigate the bloody hell out of the Obama administration an they would absolutely try to impeach the president. No doubt in my mind.

Pass this bill, Democrats. Pass it. Find your balls and do this thing.