Healthcare Problem Solved

1. Senate privately pledges to House leadership to pass conference agreements as reconciliation amendments -- plus either a Medicare buy-in or the public option.

2. House passes the Senate bill. President signs the bill.

3. Senate passes amendments via reconciliation within a few weeks.

4. Victory.

Honestly, I have no idea why the White House was apparently caught so off guard by the Massachusetts situation. Additionally, substituting "consumer protections" as a fall back -- and proposing this right out of the chute, was weak.

Pass the current legislation with the House amendments and stick it to the wingnuts. Dare them to challenge you on this. Sell the shit out of this bill. It's an easy sell. There are dozens of things in the Senate bill that will put big smiles on a lot of faces, then mix in the public option and some other House measures and it's a pure win. Plus, getting big and bold about it will also repair the perception that the Democrats are scared and nervous.

Let's go, people. Do this.

(Edit: #2 and #3 clarified.)