Heather Wilson is Very Concerned…

...about the rights of bullies.

Republican senate candidate Heather Wilson has a problem with the Student Non-Discrimination Act, which was sponsored by Senator Al Franken, because she believes it's "wrong" to prohibit children from expressing their opinions, no matter how uninformed or immature those opinions on, on homosexuality.

WILSON: I mean if somebody gets bullied for having, gosh a low voice — that’s never happened to me. … But I think one of the things why I don’t support the act is because I think it’s misplaced. They are things I’m willing to tolerate that I’m not willing to approve.

With respect to this particular agenda we have to recognize as parents that children tease each other because you’re short or you’re tall or you’re a redhead or because you’re ugly or because you’re smart or because you’re dumb or all kinds of differences and as parents we have to deal with that and strengthen our children to be comfortable with themselves and also to show empathy and acceptance towards others, but that particular act is so broad it would actually punish children and say that it’s prohibited to express an opinion with respect to homosexuality in the schools. I just think that’s wrong and it’s a violation of the First Amendment.

Heather Wilson is outraged --outraged!-- that we would consider prohibiting children from exercising their "First Amendment [right]" to bully homosexuals to the point that they commit suicide.

That's what happened this past week. Another gay teenager killed himself because, after he decided to come-out as a homosexual, his friends abandoned him and drove him to suicide. But Heather Wilson thinks it's the rights of the bullies that need to be protected, not the right of the victim to not be psychologically tortured to the point that they kill themselves.

Coincidentally, Heather Wilson was a topic of discussion on today's After Party, which I would recommend listening to if you want to hear a clip of Wilson crying over Janet Jackson's nipple.

Janet Jackson's nipple will drive Heather Wilson to tears, but bullying gay teens to suicide is something that needs to be protected.