Heckuva Job, Bushies

I'm watching Rachel Maddow as she runs through clips of various wingnuts like Peter King and Jim DeMint blasting the Obama administration for not adequately using the words "war on terror."

She also reported that Senator Burr said last week that we need to go back to the Bushie direction to the "war."

"I'm hopeful that the president will become forceful, that we will return back to the direction where we are prosecuting the war on terror," Burr said.

Return back to the Bushie direction, eh? The direction that resulted in this report from 2007? Six years after 9/11?

WASHINGTON (AP) — A new threat assessment from U.S. counterterrorism analysts says that al-Qaeda has used its safe haven along the Afghan-Pakistan border to restore its operating capabilities to a level unseen since the months before Sept. 11, 2001.

A counterterrorism official familiar with a five-page summary of the document — titled "al-Qaeda better positioned to strike the West" — called it a stark appraisal. The analysis will be part of a broader meeting at the White House on Thursday about an upcoming National Intelligence Estimate.

Whah-huh?! The Bush/Cheney process allowed al-Qaeda to reconstitute back to pre-9/11 strength?

Good job. Good direction.

Giving the Republicans the benefit of the doubt, they all failed on so many levels it must be difficult to remember the entire list.