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Here’s a Brilliant Idea

It's been a while since we've heard from Ben Carson, hasn't it? For good reason.

While it's still not clear if Ben Carson loves or hates ISIS, it is clear that he has all the answers.

The key to stopping ISIS or any other enemy invader, he says, is to give everyone a gun.

CARSON: "Actually, as I’ve stated, that was expressed with the wrong emphasis. Because I don’t have any problem with any American having any weapon that they can legally have, that’s what the Second Amendment is for and that’s what it talks about. What I was referring to all the carnage I’ve seen and all the operating that I’ve seen that’s been caused by those weapons falling in the wrong hands. But I subsequently had multiple conversations with the NRA leadership and a lot of people who knew a lot more about it than I did and I tried to make it very clear to people that the second amendment is there for a very important reason.

Number one, to make sure that the citizens could assist the military in case of invasion, and to think that that is farfetched, all you have to do is go to the Middle East and see some of the things that are happening there. I have a friend who is a missionary doctor, called me two weeks ago quite distressed, he was over in Iraq, went back to one of the villages that they had helped in before and it was desolate, ISIS had gotten there before them, killed all the men, taken the women captive, I mean, if those people had the ability to defend themselves maybe that wouldn’t have happened. To think that we are completely isolated from that I think is silly, particularly knowing that there are cells in this country right now."

Considering that Iraq and the Middle East are awash in guns provided to them mostly by us, I just don't think even more guns is the answer.

Furthermore, this isn't 1776. It's 2015. A modern military has significantly more advanced and powerful weapons (not to mention these magical flying machines) than the semi-automatic AR-15 that Carson and his friends in the NRA want to dole out to every single person. Carson appears to be implying that an invasion of America would resemble the encroachment of ISIS which is more or less an army composed of civilian volunteers using ramshackle equipment. ISIS is not a professional military and, until recent months, they had no stern opposition.

If there actually was an invasion of America (by who?) I doubt the American military would want a bunch of untrained civilians armed with Wal-Mart rifles getting in the way. No, they would want you to visit a recruiting center.

If Ben Carson is aware of secret ISIS cells operating in America today, that seems like something he should probably contact the proper authorities about. Carson wouldn't make a claim like that without specific knowledge of a cell, right?