Here’s a Great Idea

Here’s a terrible great idea: let’s force every student in the state of Florida to watch convicted asshole Dinesh D’Douchebag’s latest sham documentary.

via ThinkProgress

Republican Alan Hays, inspired after seeing the movie in theaters, said he now plans on introducing a one-page bill in November which would require all 1,700 Florida high schools and middle schools to show the movie to their students, unless their parents choose to opt them out. The documentary film is a conservative-spin on American history focusing on elevating the “essential goodness of America” while discrediting criticisms about American’s checkered history with civil rights and social justice.

Even with low expectations, D’ouche’s film America has been a failure. A failure for which he has a conspiracy theory, alleging that Google censored search results for his film.

Of course it’s also possible you couldn’t find any results for it because it’s a pile of shit and no one cares.