Here’s The “Unity” You Ordered

Written by SK Ashby

Republicans in Congress have said President Biden and the Democratic party cannot call for and expect "unity" if they pass a coronavirus relief package using reconciliation, but they're virtually the only people in the country who oppose it.

A survey commissioned by CBS News found that the vast majority or 83 percent of Americans approve of Congress passing a relief package.

There is actually a larger percentage of people who think the relief package is too small than there are people who oppose it.

Large majorities of Democrats, Republicans, and independents, as well as Americans of all income levels would approve of a COVID relief package.

There is also no consensus on how big the package should be. Four in 10 Americans think the economic relief package being discussed in Congress right now is about the right size, but just as many fear the amount of funds being discussed is too small. Another one in five Americans — most of whom are Republicans — think the amount being discussed is too large.

American public opinion doesn't get much more unified than this.

Even ice cream flavors and pizza toppings are more controversial. For example, I think pineapple is a great topping and I bet many if not most of you disagree.