Herman Cain Speaks the Truth

It occurs to me that Herman Cain is inadvertently blurting out things that are so true about Republicans, but which they don't often say out loud. For example, Republicans would prefer three-page laws which would easily allow for a buttload of loopholes and back doors. Republicans don't give a flying rip about religious freedom except for evangelical Christians.

And now this. Cain made it abundantly clear that southerners would never vote for a Mormon, but more importantly, Mitt Romney hasn't quite passed the (unconstitutional) religious test. Very true about the twisted Republicans and their religious bigotry.

Cain noted that Romney has not done “a good job of explaining his religion,” which he asserted would be a major liability in the South. Cain said the fact that Romney is a Mormon “doesn’t bother me,” but “it is an issue with a lot of southerners.”