He’s Not Wrong

While Dave Agema’s comments on the “filthy homosexuals” are certainly inappropriate by any decent person’s standards, his rationale for refusing to apologize is one I’m willing to entertain for the sake of pure schadenfreude.

Embattled Michigan Republican National Committeeman Dave Agema, who has faced sharp criticism for posting an anti-gay article on Facebook, said in an interview that his comments are appropriate because the GOP’s national platform endorses traditional marriage.

“Since it’s part of our national platform — marriage between a man and a woman — this is perfectly appropriate,” Agema said in an interview with Michigan’s MIRS political newsletter published Monday.

He’s not wrong. The official platform of the Republican party in 2012 included a definition of marriage along with calls for self-deportation, vouchercare, and tax cuts for the rich, among other things. Lest we forget, their official platform was and is quite ugly.

Thank you Dave Agema for reminding everyone what your party stands for. For posterity.