Hillary crosses the bullshit threshold

Scary Hillary Clinton.jpg
Hillary and her good friend/pretend lover/prospective running mate Johnny Mac have one more thing in common: their straight talk is actually crooked as a Nixon official. The Chicago Tribune has a great piece that looks into Hillary's claims of her foreign policy experience. The take away: she's full of shit. She credits herself with making peace in Northern Ireland. And in case you need an expert to tell you how lame that is, the Trib has one:

But Tim Pat Coogan, an Irish historian who has written extensively on the conflict in Northern Ireland, said the first lady's visits were not decisive in the negotiating breakthroughs in Northern Ireland.

"It was a nice thing to see her there, with the women's groups. It helped, I suppose," Coogan said. "But it was ancillary to the main thing. It was part of the stage effects, the optics.

So she's definitely crossed the stage effects threshold. Maybe she can play The Joker in a musical version of Batman!