Hillary: the Uber-Politician Part Deux

An anonymous reader at the TPM Cafe breaks down the dilemma of the ethically rudderless Senator Clinton much better than I did:

She is in a box. If she calls for [Spitzer] to resign -- and denounces and rejects him -- she's down one superdelegate, but far worse, underscores that Bill Clinton should have resigned on August 17, 1998, when his infidelity and lying under oath was exposed.

If she does not call for him to resign, she's putting political expediency over the dignity of women and what's right -- for Spitzer to stand aside.

Both choices are bad for her. People with moral compasses in such a situation choose. Her initial nonresponse suggests that for her, the choice will be purely tactical. Tactical people confronted with moral choices often embarrass themselves; look for that here.

Yeah, she's still awful.