His daddy didn’t pull strings


This is Pfc. Alan Jermaine Lewis. He's 23. He's from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He was wounded July 16, 2003 on Highway 8 in Baghdad when the Humvee he was driving hit a land mine blowing off both legs, burning his face, and breaking his left arm in 6 places. He was delivering ice to other soldiers at the time.

When George W. Bush was 23, he had a stateside gig his dad scored to keep Georgie out of Vietnam. A job which Georgie didn't even complete. How can we ever expect Bush to realize that the Iraq War is worse than Vietnam, and getting worse by the day?

Bush will probably never know Alan Jermaine Lewis. But Alan Lewis will never forget Bush. I hope, when you hear some ignorant person trying to tell you that the Iraq War is okay, you will tell them about Alan Lewis. And the tens of thousands of men and women like him.