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Hispanics Surpass Whites In College Enrollment

What a week for Jim DeMint and The Heritage Foundation. May 6th, Jason Richwine and Robert Rector released their anti-immigration reform paper suggesting that the costs of their overt racism will run us about, oh, say, $6.3 trillion! give or take a dollar. Richwine resigns by the 10th and takes his morally decrepit IQ with him, leaving Jim DeMint and The Heritage Foundation scrambling to come up with new ways for the Republican party to be as cruel and deranged as comically possible under standards and practices of stalling human achievement.

May 9th Pew posts a new study showing that fewer Hispanics are dropping out of high school and more are enrolling in college at a rate that surpasses enrollment for white high school graduates.

Pew study:

A record seven-in-ten (69%) Hispanic high school graduates in the class of 2012 enrolled in college that fall, two percentage points higher than the rate (67%) among their white counterparts, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of new data from the U.S. Census Bureau.

PHC-2013-05-college-enrollment-01There should be an Hispanic Immigrant Study of Americans commissioned to scientifically prove that the Republican party as a race of beings are an inferior breed of human because they are cruel, destructive, and suck up a disproportionate share of national wealth and resources. It’s time someone reminded them.