Operation Ignore

Here are some titles of various memos sent to then National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice from Richard Clarke prior to the 9/11 attacks. The dates are all 2001:

“Bin Ladin Public Profile May Presage Attack” (May 3)

“Terrorist Groups Said Co-operating on US Hostage Plot” (May 23)

“Bin Ladin’s Networks’ Plans Advancing” (May 26)

“Bin Ladin Attacks May Be Imminent” (June 23)

“Bin Ladin and Associates Making Near-Term Threats” (June 25)

“Bin Ladin Planning High-Profile Attacks” (June 30)

“Planning for Bin Ladin Attacks Continues, Despite Delays” (July 2)

Why isn't this story being told in the traditional media? The Bush administration bungled 9/11. The notion that it was President Bush's shining moment is a lie.

(Headline from Al Franken's Lies and The Lying Liars Who Tell Them)