Civil liberties

Holder’s Letter to Rand Paul

It’s embarrassing that we live in a world where Eric Holder has to spell it out in small words that the president isn’t going to drone you while you’re at the buffet or sipping your lattes, but that’s exactly what he did today. Here’s his letter to Senator Rand Paul (cropped).


I believe the mockery is entirely warranted, because if you read closely it says “an American not engaged in combat.” Not engaged in combat.

If you actually believe the president would order a preemptive drone strike on an American on American soil who is not an imminent threat, I highly doubt this letter from Attorney General Eric Holder will persuade you to think otherwise. This is tinfoil hat territory.

Hopefully this marks the end of this latest absurd chapter of our bimonthly drone hysteria.

Update… The Senate has voted to confirm John Brennan as director of the CIA by a margin of 63 to 34.