The Holy Scripture

Written by SK Ashby

(Cartoonist - Steve Greenberg)

In other news, President Obama will travel to South Carolina on Friday and deliver the eulogy for pastor and state senator Clementa Pinckney. Pinckney was among Dylann Roof's victims.

Meanwhile, it appears that Stephen Colbert participated in the unity march held in Charleston yesterday.

And finally, if you are unaware of the kind of threats, unhinged trolling, and rape culture women are subjected to online (and even if you are aware), I recommend watching this educational video from John Oliver. Those who spend any significant amount of time on social media have undoubtedly witnessed this.

"I'm talking about the kind of direct threats that can make people fear for their safety, and if you're thinking 'well, come on, that doesn't seem like that big a problem' -- well congratulations on your white penis. Because if you have one of those, you probably have a very different experience of the internet.

It's true that, as a white guy, I can say almost anything (and I do) and I'll hear nary a peep about it. If I were a woman, and even more so if I were a black woman, men would be lined up down the street and around the block to tell me why I am history's greatest monster.