House Democrats Are Passing Another Stimulus Bill

Written by SK Ashby

Need another reason for you, a friend, or family member to vote for Democrats in November?

Democrats are the only party that still governs in this country so even though they passed a stimulus bill back in May, they're going to pass another one next week.

In attempt to draw attention to the issue and restart negotiations with the Trump White House, Democrats are going to pass a $2.4 trillion bill.

The bill would include enhanced unemployment insurance, direct payments to Americans, Paycheck Protection Program small-business loan funding and aid to airlines, among other provisions, the person said. To reach the price tag, Democrats would chop roughly $1 trillion from their previous proposal for a fifth pandemic aid plan. [...]

Pelosi directed Democratic committee chairs to draft legislation, according to Politico, which first reported on plans to craft another bill. The House could vote on a bill as soon as next week, but Democrats have not yet decided on a plan, the outlet reported.

Senate Republicans couldn't even pass their small $300 billion bill so this will not become law, of course, but this is smart politics and prudent if not perfect policy.

Republicans are likely going to react by blasting the price tag, but that may be exactly what Democrats want. At least they're doing something while congressional Republicans devote all of their time and energy to quickly confirming a Supreme Court nominee before the election in a clear attempt to bring a ban on abortion closer to reality.

The coronavirus pandemic hasn't gone away and, in fact, we just crossed 7 million total infections in the United States and that's probably a significant undercount.

A lot of people are hurting physically, financially, and emotionally and hopefully that will translate into votes for the only party still interested in doing anything about it. Republicans wasted most of the year and the entire summer on nothing. It's nearly October and the last significant stimulus measures were passed in April. Most economists and the Federal Reserve chairman have been calling for more stimulus for months.