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House Democrats Troll John Boehner, Fight Fire With Fire

As you may be aware, House leadership cancelled all votes on funding bills because House Democrats insisted on voting to ban the confederate flag at federal cemeteries

House Democrats are now offering to drop their amendments if House Republicans agrees to restore the Voting Rights Act.

This is beautiful.

"I'm here to say to you that the members of the Congressional Black Caucus and the full Democratic Caucus are willing to sit down with the Speaker and work out a way for us to allow the proper display and utilization of ... the flag in certain instances if he would only sit down with us and work out an appropriate addressing of the amendments to the Voting Rights Act," [Representative James Clyburn] said during a press briefing in the Capitol.

Speaker Boehner did say it's time for adults to sit down and have a conversation about this, didn't he?

"I think it's time for some adults here in Congress to sit down and have conversation about how to address this issue." -John Boehner on the confederate flag

Will John Boehner and his colleague sit down for an "adult" conversation on the confederate flag and voting rights? Would such a conversation produce positive or desired results?

Hell no.

While his cause is worthy and just, Representative James Clyburn (D-SC) is undoubtedly aware of that there's virtually no chance House Republicans will agree to ban confederate flag from federal cemeteries and/or restore the Voting Rights Act, which makes this Grade A+ trolling.