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House Bill to Avert Shutdown Will… Put High Sodium Back in School Lunches

Picard and Riker Facepalm

The fate of the “Crominbus” (yes that’s a stupid name, it’s a combination of continuing resolution + ominbus) spending bill is in doubt, but if it does pass House Republicans will have won an important, historical victory against the tyranny of Michelle Obama’s healthier school lunches.

The spending package includes provisions rolling back required reductions on sodium in school lunches, saying the rule should not be implemented “until the latest scientific research establishes the reduction is beneficial for children.”

The legislation also says states should be allowed to issue waivers to schools that could demonstrate “hardship” in implementing requirements for incorporating whole grains into the meals.

I can think of nothing more important than ensuring that the next generation of Americans is raised on a diet of high sodium. They can wash it down with soda.