Epic Fail

House Goes On Recess. FAA Still Shut Down.

After yesterday's vote on the debt ceiling in the House of Representatives, Majority Leader Eric Cantor advised his caucus that no further legislative action would take place until September 7th. This leaves an entire month ahead of us with the FAA still shut down and thousands of workers furloughed.

As ThinkProgress points out, thousands of workers, who have been kept on board because they are considered "essential employees," are working without pay and being asked to shoulder their own expenses until the shutdown ends.

The administrator for the Federal Aviation Administration says airport safety inspectors nationwide are working without pay and shouldering travel expenses themselves, as the agency’s budget crisis enters a second week. [...]

An inspector may travel to five airports in a two-week period, racking up thousands of dollars in hotel and airline tickets. Babbitt says they’re being asked to put those expenses on personal credit cards.

Additionally, the federal government continues to lose $200 million per week in revenue because taxes on airline tickets are not being collected.

Between now and September when the House of Representatives returns to work, the federal government will have lost over a billion dollars in revenue as the shutdown has already been on-going for several weeks as of this time.