Epic Fail Immigration

House GOP Can’t Decide What Their Lawsuit is About, What Won’t Be Thrown Out of Court


We know John Boehner hasn’t been able to specify what exactly they will sue President Obama for and apparently that’s because House GOP leadership can’t decide what has the best chance of not being thrown out of court.

Committee staffers are discussing several executive actions Boehner could target in a lawsuit and trying to whittle the list down to the fewest number of actions that would give the suit the best chance of being heard by a skeptical judiciary. [...]

When Republican leaders decide on their target, text of a House resolution will be sent to the Rules Committee for a hearing likely next week or the week after, and legal experts will be called in to testify about the merits of legal action.

Finally, the House will vote on the resolution sometime before the chamber recesses for August, giving Republican members ample time to discuss the vote back home in their districts.

I’m not as skeptical as those interviewed by Roll Call are that the lawsuit will target immigration.

Immigration is a hot issue that is currently riling up the Lunatic Base; the same Lunatic Base that House Republicans will face when they attend town hall meetings during summer recess.

Are House Republicans really prepared to attend town hall meetings and explain that they’re suing President Obama for delaying certain aspects of Obamacare? Isn’t delaying Obamacare a good thing in their eyes?

Wouldn’t they rather explain to their rabid constituents that they’re going to sue the president for making child immigrants believe America is a welcoming land of peace and salvation? I mean what kind of Socialist Hippy in Chief is he?

I’ve been wrong before, but I’m counting on the latter.