Epic Fail

House GOP Denies The Deficit Exists

According to House Republicans the Bush Tax Cuts, the single largest contributor to our national deficit, didn't actually add anything to the deficit. Or something.

Every House Republican voted Thursday to reject the proposition that the Bush tax cuts added to the deficit.

Joined by just a handful of Democrats, the full Republican conference rejected a measure that would have affirmed what nearly all budget experts and economists recognized: President George W. Bush's debt-financed tax cuts blew up the budget in the last decade, leaving the country in a hole that sank into a chasm after the 2008 financial crisis.

The final tally was 174-244. If it had passed, it would have amended a GOP-backed bill that would have changed the way neutral budget score-keepers analyze the effects of taxation -- to make it appear as if unpaid-for tax cuts don't deepen deficits.

Because tax cuts pay for themselves, right?