Epic Fail

House GOP Lawsuit Too Embarrassing for Law Firm

Suing Obama

I missed this bit of news over the weekend and I regret that I did because it’s a very amusing bit of news.

The lawyer hired by House Republicans to handle their lawsuit against President Obama for his use of executive orders has quit the case out of embarrassment.

The New York Times reported on Friday that David B. Rivkin Jr. quit because his law firm was embarrassed.

Two people with knowledge of the situation said Mr. Rivkin withdrew from the case under pressure after facing criticism that he had taken on an overly partisan lawsuit. Some members of the firm feared the case against Mr. Obama could drive off potential clients and hurt Baker Hostetler’s credibility, according to one of the people with knowledge of the case. Both people said they were prohibited from publicly discussing such a delicate case.

One begins to wonder if the House GOP’s lawsuit will ever even see the inside of a court room.

On Friday of last week the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals threw out a lawsuit filed by conservative doctors challenging the president’s delay of the employer mandate. The lawsuit filed by House Republicans is similar and I expect it will also be thrown out if it even makes it that far.

As you may recall, House Republicans debated what their lawsuit would be about for weeks before they actually filed it because they couldn’t determine which issue would have the best chance of not being thrown out of court.