House GOP Pass Another Garbage Appropriations Bill

Written by SK Ashby

Although the White House has clearly stated that the president would veto the bill for a number of reasons, the Republican-controlled House of Representatives has passed their horrible transportation and housing appropriations bill.

Passage of the bill also came after the White House threatened to veto the legislation earlier in the week because of insufficient funding levels, capped by sequestration, and controversial policy riders that would undermine President Obama’s policy to normalize relations with Cuba, block funds for the transfer of any detainees at Guantanamo Bay prison to the United States and undo trucking regulations.

If you don't know how blocking the closure of Gitmo is related to transportation and federal housing, you're not alone.

You may also be wondering what obstructing diplomatic relations with Cuba has to do with transportation and federal housing, but there doesn't appear to be a clear connection.

Amendments were introduced to roll back several of aforementioned problems, but each amendment was defeated before the bill was passed by a margin of 216 to 210. House Republican would not allow Democrats to strip the unrelated and unnecessary provisions that necessitate a presidential veto; because House Republicans are not in the business of passing bills that actually become law.