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House GOP Reduce Their Border Bill Proposal, May Not Pass a Bill


When President Obama submitted a request for $3.7 billion in funding to handle the surge of undocumented children crossing the border, Republicans rebuked his very specific proposal and said they would not give him a “blank check.”

House Republicans then produced their own proposal that called for $1.5 billion in funding, but that proposal has now been reduced to less than $1 billion, among other things.

House Republicans are moving toward a vote on a slimmed-down border bill that would provide President Obama with less than $1 billion in funding to deal with the influx of child migrants. [...]

In order to garner enough Republican votes for the measure, Republicans are considering cutting back both the size of the $1.5 billion spending package originally proposed by House appropriators, as well the policy recommendations proposed by a working group led by Rep. Kay Granger (R-Texas).

In other words, House Republicans couldn’t find enough votes to pass a small $1.5 billion bill unless it included several demands that Democrats do not agree with, such as repealing DACA.

House leadership has now returned to the drawing board to see if they can find enough votes to pass a minuscule, impotent bill instead.

It remains to be seen if House Republicans will pass a bill before they leave town for the August recess but, even if they do, if it’s less than $1 billion it will be far from adequate.

It’s also possible that they may simply vote on a symbolic resolution that blames President Obama for everything and then leave town.