Congress Epic Fail

House GOP Still Not Sure What Their Lawsuit is About, Another Law Firm Drops the Case

August 3, 2014

After the first law firmed hired by House Republicans to litigate their case against President Obama dropped the case out of embarrassment, they were forced to find a replacement.

The replacement law firm has now dropped the case out of embarrassment.

A spokesman for Speaker of House John Boehner’s office confirmed to Talking Points Memo that Emenual Urqhart & Sullivan have dropped out of the case. This comes a month after the first law firm hired by the House dropped the case because they felt it could harm their reputation.

I love the smell of schadenfreude in the morning and a second law firm dropping the case isn’t even the best part.

Boehner spokesman Kevin Smith indicated that the House may change targets.

In an interesting twist, Boehner’s office signaled the House may also target Obama’s executive actions on immigration, expected soon after the election.

“We are also closely following what the administration does on executive amnesty, and the possible impact that could have on the litigation strategy,” Smith said.

“Executive amnesty.” Drink!

As you probably recall, House Republicans deliberated for several weeks before they originally unveiled their lawsuit because they couldn’t decide what would have the best chance of not being thrown out of court.

It was several months ago that they decided their target would be the delay of the employer mandate included in Obamacare. It’s nearly November now and they still aren’t sure what their lawsuit is about.