House GOP to DREAMers: You’re Not Welcome

From the Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) — The GOP-controlled House has voted to reject President Barack Obama’s policy to end deportation of hundreds of thousands of immigrants in the country illegally who were brought to the United States as children. [...]

Obama announced a program in June 2012 that puts off deportation for many people brought here as children. Applicants for the reprieve must have arrived before they turned 16, be younger than 31 now, be high school graduates or in school, or have served in the military. They can’t have a serious criminal record.

It seems like only yesterday (because it was) that Larry Pratt was raging about immigrants coming to this country who don’t even have a high school education, but evidently House Republicans don’t want you here even if you are educated.

And that’s because it really has nothing to do with education. At least not in a direct sense. Their xenophobic impulses tell them that, if you have brown skin, you’re probably less intelligent than they are.

Democrats voted against the measure in a party-line vote of 224 to 201.

The Republican outreach effort continues.