How Not to Run A Campaign

Michele Bachmann's campaign manager became irate over the weekend after an email circulated indicating that she would be asked fewer questions than other candidates during post-debate interviews.

CBS political director John Dickerson won’t have to ever worry about how Michele Bachmman and her campaign really feel about him.

The Bachmann campaign was incensed after an email chain circulated Saturday evening featuring Dickerson telling a CBS employee that Bachmann would get fewer questions in a post debate interview than other candidates. [...]

The problem for Dickerson however was the fact that he didn’t know the Bachmann campaign was apart of the email chain. Seeing what he wrote, the Minnesota congresswoman’s campaign director Keith Nahigian reportedly stormed into the spin room in a rage, according to CNN.

“John Dickerson should be fired,” Nahigan said. “He is a piece of shit. He is a fraud and he should be fired.”

With Michele Bachmann polling at roughly 4% and displaying a staggering level of dumbstupid during every single appearance she makes, debate or otherwise, I would say she is lucky to even be included in the first place. A more competent media would treat incoherent, nonsense-talkers like Bachmann with the contempt that they deserve, rather than a credible, alternative opinion.

With that said, its perfectly reasonable to be upset that your candidate is receiving less air-time, but "He is a piece of shit?"

Apparently personal responsibility is only applicable when it comes to how rich or poor you are. When it comes to character, we are blameless.

Or to paraphrase Herman Cain -- "Don't blame the establishment, don't blame the media. If people don't think you're fit to even run for president of the PTA, blame yo' self."