Abortion Poll

How to Fix a Poll

How do you persuade people to agree with you and produce a poll with misleading results?

Straight up lying is one way.

In his email to members last night, Family Research Council President Tony Perkins continued to crow about the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision, claiming that “an FRC-commissioned poll [found] that 53% of voters (including 50% of women!) disapproved of the idea that employers’ should have to pay for workers’ sexual decisions.”

Wow! 50% of women!

The pollsters asked respondents whether they supported or opposed the “mandate which requires that all private healthcare plans, including both employer based health plans and individual market health plans, cover preventative care services for women, which includes all FDA approved contraceptives, including drugs that can destroy a human embryo, and sterilization services without a direct cost to the patient.”


As you know, Obamacare does not mandate that anyone cover drugs that can “destroy a human embryo” nor does Obamacare say anything about “sexual decisions”

“Sexual decisions” seems like something the Family Research Council is probably more interested in regulating than Obamacare.

There is a group of people will believe anything you tell them if it’s anti-woman or anti-Obama, but people who otherwise hold reasonable opinions were undoubtedly misled by this poll.

While it would be preferable if those who were misled were more informed, people in positions of leadership and authority are responsible for lying.

They know Obamacare doesn’t mandate embryo-killing drugs, but telling the truth in this case won’t benefit them. Now please make a small donation to the Family Research Council so we can stop the Embryo Killer in Chief.