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How does he speak with that thumb in his mouth?

gallagher-suit.jpgHunter at dKos brings to our attention the latest in a long line of right-wing chickenhawks: Mike Gallagher, a talk show host who is organizing an anti-Sheehan "Pro America Bus Trip". As Hunter suggests, the title of the rally seems to imply that Cindy is somehow anti-American. What with losing her son in a war and all, then questioning her president as to the reasons.

Mr. Gallagher has four sons, all of prime military age. None are serving, or plan to. Mr. Gallagher himself has never served in the military.

Big surprise! Check out that picture of him. I mean, next to Bush in the flightsuit, it's probably the most illustrative example of a purebred chickhawk. And for a group of ideologues who hate the gay community so much, these people sure do love their costumes.