Democratic Party

How John McCain Can Win…

Senator McCain wins this thing if the Democrats take this contest to the convention. Wolfson and Penn are predicting that it will. Stoller writes:

I'm on a conference call with Mark Penn and Howard Wolfson of the Clinton campaign, and they are emphasizing how this contest is going to go beyond Tuesday, and may go until the convention.

No, no, NO! Taking the Obama-Clinton battle to the convention is suicide for both. Here's to one of them blinking before that ever, ever happens. A convention battle, as you know, would put on display a fractured Democratic Party in contrast to the unified Republicans nominating (presumptively) John McCain.

And you know, I don't care what Wolfson and Penn might be thinking, but the party will never allow it. If this thing goes beyond Pennsylvania, the party will step in and, behind closed doors, ask one of the candidates to step aside. The threat: drop out or lose party support and all of those precious party-controlled superdelegates.

UPDATE: Just wanted to add... Pennsylvania is April 22 and I'll get to vote on that day. Please don't let my vote matter, Democrats.

(h/t Paul Krugman and Atrios)