Asian Tsunami George W. Bush

How much does Jeb cost?

Head shown at 1:1000 scaleMuch has been made on this site already about how little the U.S. cares about the victims of the tsunamis. By "cares," I mean, of course, pays. Because talk is cheap. And talk, at this point, means Colin Powell and hurricane sand-bag expert Jeb Bush.

Yes, to counter international opinion that the paltry U.S. response has been pathetic, King George is sending in his brother. That'll shut up those critics! We're not insensitive! We're compassionate! We're sending the president's brother over to sign condolence books! $35 million PLUS Jeb!

I don't know how much money it costs to fly Jeb over to Sri Lanka, but I would think that most Sri Lankas would rather have the cash.