Huckabee: Don’t Join the Military Under Obama

Written by SK Ashby

Mike Huckabee says there's nothing more honorable than serving your country, but...

“There’s nothing more honorable than serving one’s country and there’s no greater heroes to our country than our military,” he responded, “but I might suggest to parents, I’d wait a couple of years until we get a new commander-in-chief that will once again believe ‘one nation under god’ and believe that people of faith should be a vital part of the process of not only governing this country, but defending this country.”

Apparently, volunteering to serve your country is not quite as honorable if you do so under a specific president.

That's contradictory, isn't it? You do not serve the president. You serve the country. You serve American citizens and taxpayers.

Besides, you're much better off joining the military under a Republican administration that will more than likely ask you to fight and die in a war that didn't need to be fought. For Jesus.