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Huckabee Will Fight “Judicial Tyranny” With Judicial Tyranny

Written by SK Ashby

When Mike Huckabee becomes president (Ha!), he'll counter the "judicial tyranny" of the Supreme Court and its ruling in favor of gay marriage with a series of executive orders that would, among other things, command the Department of Justice to prosecute people of his choosing.

The Republican presidential candidate detailed the likely unconstitutional actions he would take on his first day in office in an op-ed for Fox News.

On Day One of my administration, I will use the power of the presidency to protect and defend people of all faiths in all fifty states.

First, I will sign religious liberty executive orders that support traditional marriage and protect businesses, churches, non-profits, schools and universities, hospitals, and other organizations from discrimination, intimidation, civil penalties, or criminal attacks for exercising their religious beliefs.

Second, I will direct the attorney general to protect religious liberty and prosecute any violations of First Amendment rights of individuals, businesses, religious organizations, institutions, and civil servants, including those who believe in traditional marriage.

The Justice Department will protect and defend the rights of American citizens to follow their religious convictions without discrimination, and prosecute attacks on people of faith and their religious liberty.

I will aggressively prosecute attacks against people of faith as hate crimes.

I'm sure most of you who are reading this are aware that the president does not prosecute anyone nor does he or she have the power to command the Department of Justice to prosecute anyone.

Huckabee has essentially said that he would utterly politicize the Justice Department, abandon the separation of powers, and command the attorney general to prosecute people for things that may not even be coded into law.

It strikes me that regardless of who the Republican presidential nominee is, it's probable that they would politicize the Justice Department in a manner that would make the George W. Bush administration blush.

From "religious liberty" to Obamacare and immigration reform, litigating their political agenda is now basic Republican party doctrine.