Congress Lizard People

Human-Sized Piece of Crap Retires From Congress

Written by SK Ashby

Being a member of the Flying Monkey Caucus just isn't the same when you're a minority in Congress and, to that end, founding member and former caucus chairman Representative Mark Meadows (R-NC) has announced that he's not running for reelection.

Meadows first told Politico and that he won't run for office again and now it appear that he's angling for a job in the Trump regime or at least Trump's campaign.

“My time serving Western North Carolina in Congress will come to a close at the end of this term,” Meadows, a founding member of Republican’s conservative House Freedom Caucus, said in a statement. [...]

He told Politico, which first reported his departure, that he did not have a specific job lined up yet with Trump and would not say whether he would serve out the remainder of his current term, which ends in January 2021.

I plan to serve the people of western North Carolina until it’s decided that I can best serve the president and the American people in a different capacity,” he told the news outlet. “While there’s no immediate plans, there’s certainly discussions that have occurred and potentially could occur in the future.”

Translation: I am getting the fuck out of here as soon Trump gives me a new job

You see, being a member of the Batshit Caucus was fun when Republicans had majority control and the caucus could essentially monopolize party ideology and veto legislation before it even reached the floor under former Speakers John Boehner or Paul Ryan.

The Freedumb Caucus has virtually no power under Speaker Nancy Pelosi. They can't veto legislation and they don't even have the clout to prevent a limited number of centrist Republicans from occasionally crossing part lines. Mark Meadows himself is fundamentally toothless.

Mark Meadows and his Freedom Caucus represented Trumpism before Trump himself brought it into existence. They railed against non-existent abuse of power and impeachable crimes under President Obama and then, when Trump took office, their co-founder Mick Mulvaney joined the Trump regime where they abuse power and commit impeachable crimes.

Let history record that the Freedom Caucus was actually nothing more than the Racist Caucus.