“I don’t know if he even knew what he was talking about”

Written by SK Ashby

Trump hosted a group of Senators at the White House on Wednesday where he signed an opioid bill into law, but that's not what got everyone talking

What got everyone talking was Trump talking, or rather Trump running his mouth with no earthly idea what he's talking about.

Trump reportedly told the group of Senators that he possesses the secret to solving the opioid crisis but he's "not sure the country is ready for it yet," as if it's a zero-point energy machine or faster-than-light travel.

What secret was he referring to exactly? No one has any idea.

"I had no idea what answer that is," said Sen. Ron Johnson, a Wisconsin Republican. "I was intrigued, too, I'd like to know."

"Yeah, I wondered about that," said West Virginia Republican Sen. Shelley Moore Capito. "I didn't follow up and ask." The West Virginia Republican continued: "When he said that, I thought, 'Uh, good for you if that's actually what he thinks?' But it's more complicated than one silver bullet."

Ohio Sen. Rob Portman said, "I remember something like that," before later adding: "I think the answer is, unfortunately, a lot of different things."

"I don't have any idea what the President was talking about," said Sen. Sherrod Brown, an Ohio Democrat. "I don't know if he even knew what he was talking about."

Asked if she had an idea as to what he was referring to, Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, D-New Hampshire, said, "Not at all."

If you believe Trump is in a state of cognitive decline, I'd say there's been a wealth of evidence of that exposed this week.

As for the bill Trump signed when he ran his mouth, it will provide US Customs and Border Protection with equipment for detecting opioids at the border, but as you know the largest sources of opioids in America are drugs companies, shady doctors and unscrupulous pharmacies.

It's a tremendously complicated problem that must separate abuse from legitimate subscriptions for chronic pain. There's no secret and, as Senator Sherrod Brown said, I don't know if Trump even knew what he was talking about.