I So Want Drug Testing

Governor Nikki Haley of South Carolina is taking a page out of the Governor Gollum Rick Scott playbook, seeking to kick drug test people who are already down.

Something which she has deeply desired since the day she took office, according to her.

"I so want drug testing," Haley said on Thursday, according to the Associated Press. "It's something I've been wanting since the first day I walked into office."

And now Haley is trying to make that dream come true, pushing for people applying for jobless benefits to first pass a drug test before receiving any aid, the AP reports.

Her proposal is similar to a Florida law -- which the ACLU recently filed suit against -- but is focused on unemployment benefits rather than welfare benefits. Haley proposed the measure during her gubernatorial campaign, and now she's trying to see if it's within the state's power to implement the drug tests.

I'd like to think most politicians, at least those of the more liberal persuasion, have a desire to make things better for their constituents on the first day they take office even if only to further their own career rather than out of some deep desire to help people.

Not Governor Nikki Haley, though. No sir. The first thing she thought about on the first day she walked into office was drug-testing the unemployed.

Her words.

That's pretty fucking twisted. If I may say so.

And, by the way, South Carolina's unemployment agency estimated in 2009 that drugs only accounted for 0.3 percent of unemployment.