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I Watched Sarah Palin’s CPAC Speech So You Don’t Have To

My Monday column provides a valuable public service:

I might be one of very few observers outside of the CPAC bubble who thinks Sarah Palin could still be a serious player on the national political stage. In fact, I don’t entirely count her out as a 2016 candidate. It sounds insane, but I still believe (with varying degrees of certainty) that her bumper-sticker, wafer-thin populism and her shit-kicking derpshow continue to be extraordinarily well-received within the dwindling and therefore increasingly loud, monochromatic, Christian conservative right.

And so it was at CPAC over the weekend where Palin ceremoniously reemerged under the klieg lights of the wingnutosphere after being cut from the Fox News Channel wing of the conservative entertainment complex earlier this year.

Contrary to what we might’ve heard recently, Palin was greeted like a rock star by the pasty white neo-Alex P. Keaton groupies who are clearly desperate for a general-in-chief to lead their antiquated ideology back into fashion. And for all of her obvious faults, Palin’s brand of awkward speechifying precisely connected with the dreams, aspirations and simple-mindedness of her starry-eyed fanboys. [continue reading here]