Rand Paul Stupid Party

Idiot and Troll From Washington Decries Idiots and Trolls From Washington


You can give Obstructionist Extraordinaire Rand Paul credit for one thing — he knows how to stroke the monumental egos of disillusioned, libertarian tech bros.

Rand decried the “disaster” of Washington — a disaster he helped create — and told them that they can do what government cannot at a conference in Silicon Valley over the weekend.

I have nothing but optimism when I’m out here because I see amazing potential for growth away from the disaster that is Washington. I don’t have to think there has to be a governmental solution for everything,” the Kentucky senator told hundreds of people gathered in a hotel ballroom here. “… Don’t be depressed with how bad government is. Use your ingenuity, use your big head to think of solutions the marketplace can figure out, that the idiots and trolls in Washington will never come up with.

Of course there are many things government can do but has not been allowed to do by Senator Rand Paul and his Senate Republican colleagues.

Rand doesn’t merely think there isn’t a governmental solution for everything; he thinks there isn’t a governmental solution for anything.

As for being an idiot and a troll — it was “stand with Rand” Paul who embarked on a 13-hour filibuster over drones and then later said he would be okay with using a drone to take out a petty liquor store thief.