Super Stupid Terrorism

If Rubio Knows Who the Secret Terrorists Are, Can He Enlighten Us?

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) shared a few excerpts from the fan fiction novel he's been working on during last night's debate which, apparently, includes passages detailing specific terrorist suspects.

Rubio was asked if the immigration reform plan he supported (and then decided not to support) would have allowed millions of new migrant workers into the country and he pivoted into this bewildering response.

"First and foremost, this issue has to be more than anything else about keeping America safe. And here's why: There's a radical jihadist group manipulating our immigration system, and not just green cards. They're recruiting people that enter as doctors and engineers and even fiancees," he said. "They understand the vulnerabilities we have on the Southern border, they're looking to manipulate the visa waiver countries to get people into the United States.

If Marco Rubio is aware of specific people posing as doctors and engineers, that seems like information he may want to share with the proper authorities such as the Department of Homeland Security or the FBI.

Just the same, if Rubio can identify a specific terrorist group that is successfully "manipulating our immigration system," he should let someone know.

It may not be politically imperative that he do so because, after all, John McCain became the Republican presidential nominee in 2008 even though he refused to tell us how to find Osama Bin Laden.